Uns is a very ordinary table that is tired of standing still, and he decided to start exploring the world  around him. Uns is a rather unstable table, because he is just learning to walk. And walking is not an easy task, especially when there are obstacles on the way.  How fast can he get to the other end of the corridor?

Control each leg separately, slide through puddles and try to reach the finish line as quickly as possible!

- A, S  to move rear legs
- K, L  to move front legs 
- SPACE to jump
- Button with "?"  to see the tutorial

 Our team
- Anna Neshitova: team lead, programming
- Vladimir Khor'kov: music
- Victoria Bukhantseva: art
- Nika Poroshkova: art, articles
- Lika Mikheenkova: UI
- Efim Lantsman: moral support

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